Working hard, spending smarter, saving and investing for your future!

Building Wealth Is Not A Destination Its A Lifestyle | Prosperidad no es un destino, es un estilo de vida

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We all have a dream of working hard, living with certain financial stability and reaching our non working years safely and worry free, but many of us are not savvy in money matters or have access to the tools and strategies that will help make this dream come true.


of all families

63% of minority families

Do not have sufficient liquid financial assets to sustain their households at the poverty level for three months if they lose their income.


of all senior citizens

Are at risk of outliving their resources. A large percentage of the elderly population lives on the precipice of economic insecurity.


of all U.S. households

Lack sufficient financial assets to make investments in opportunities that increase financial mobility, such as buying a home, creating a business, or investing in their children’s education.

At myWealthBeing we strive to offer education, tools, strategies and consultations to help create wealth and prosperity for individuals and families in our communities.

Keywords: Economic Opportunity, Financial Security, Latino and other Minorities, Seniors, People with Disabilities, Families, Advocacy, Education, Consultation, Homeownership, College Savings, Retirement.

If you want to.

  • Organize your Finances

  • Get out of debt

  • Buy a house

  • Invest

  • Start/Fix your business

  • Plan a healthy retirement

By guiding participants through a standardized process, we will help our participants create an ecosystem that builds on itself. We'll start by creating a strong financial foundation and continue to wealth generation.