Pilot Project

Board of Directors.

We will start with three board of directors (BOD), and will be comprised of a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The BOD's will be comprised of seven individuals, and will be selected by their field of expertise, as it relates to his project: financial advisors, Software Developer, Real Estate agent, banker, psychologist, Community, rover.

Staff and Volunteers.

An Executive Director and additional staff to properly administer the organization. Staff should be paid at competitive wages in line with their responsibilities, a reasonable living wage with benefits. Volunteers will be needed to offer consultations and other services for our participants. Benefits: Vacations, Medical, retirement match, sick days, comp time, more.

We'll strive to find professional individuals to become staff and volunteers, certified whenever possible, in the fields of Real Estate Professional, Financial Professional, Legal Professional, Business Professional/Entrepreneur, Tax Professional, and Community Professionals.


  • Age demographics Non working, working, retired, seniors.

  • Income demographics Poverty, low, medium, high income.

  • Ethnic demographic: Everyone is welcome.

  • Region Starting in Boulder County, growing to Colorado, then the world.


We will seek funding from the following: Foundations, Private and Government grants, and Individual Donations.


We will use industry standard quality processes, and if appropriate, seek quality certifications to certify high quality customer service and gain credibility within the community and participants.

Budget Projection. (detail available upon request)

Year One Two Three

Operations $3,000 | $1,550 | $4,000

Professional Services $2, 000 | $2,500 | $3,000

Technology $15,000 | $15,000 | $5,000

Salary/Benefits $195,000 | $320,000 | $565,000

Total: $215,744 | $340,794 | $577,626

Key Partners.

We consider key partners organizations whose participants can be natural clients for our programs and services, and volunteers.

  • Schools and School Districts

  • Minority groups and organizations

  • Senior Services organizations

  • Outreach organizations

  • Family Resource organizations

  • Food Bank organizations

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Human Services non profits

  • Housing assistance organizations

  • City and government organizations

501(c)3 Designation.

  • In search of Three Board of Directors.


  • Application Form 1023, reviewed and granted on October 2022.

Organization Chart

Business Plan

Phase One - Set the Foundation

Our initial phase is one for establishing and organizing.

  • Incorporate myWealthBeing in Colorado as a nonprofit corporation

  • Get a Federal Tax ID.

  • Open bank account

  • Create myWealthBeing Bylaws and corporate structure.

  • Select a board of directors (Ingrid Castro, Ricardo Cabrera, Peter Salas)

  • Approve our Bylaws.

  • Submit our 501(c)3 designation request to the IRS.

  • Create a website, brochures and other basic communications tools.

  • Create initial Business Plan and Budget

  • Milestone: Receive 501(c)3 designation from the IRS. (10/29/2022, effective 12/15/2021)

Phase Two - Infrastructure and Programs

Our second phase focus is Corporate and Program Building.

  • First Board Retreat

  • Fundraising Plan

  • Enact administrative, CRM and other systems in place to ensure a smooth running of operations, grant management, scheduling and other infrastructure processes.

  • Define and activate initial programs: Personal, Business and Home Ownership.

  • Define roles and responsibilities for Board Members, program managers for programs and volunteers (Job descriptions)

  • Create a referral network to all local resources where participants can reach out for assistance.

  • Find a technology partner to start defining and designing our phone app.

  • Start key partner search, and start filling our participant funnel.

  • Designate an Executive Director

  • Grow our Participant Base to 200+

  • Milestone: Reach fundraising goals, and participant goals.

Phase Three - Technology and Participants

Phase Three is Resource, Participant and Technology.

  • Expand farming operation to continue filling our participant funnel.

  • Continue growing our partner network to further fill our participant network.

  • Complete the development of our phone app.

  • Milestone: Reach a participant goal of XXX individuals and partner network.

Phase Four - Participants

Phase four is Participant and Community.

  • Once our phone app is completed and fully released

  • Start a full (paid) marketing campaign to further expand our farming operations

  • Research needs to add additional programs/managers.

  • Milestone: Complete phone app and reach second participant milestone of XXX participants.