A Colorado Non-Profit

Pilot Project


We all have a dream of working hard and retiring comfortably, but many of us are not savvy in money matters, finances or strategies that will make our dream come true. One that elevates the consciousness of the value our hard earned money and assets and how it relates to wealth creation from simple tasks like budgeting and calculating your net worth to complex tasks like investing in the stock market, buying a house or starting a business.


To offer education, tools, strategies and one on one consultations to help create wealth for our individuals and communities.


To guide individuals through standardized processes to help them save and invest for the future, start a business, buy a house, organize will, and other important life documents. All while teaching our participants the concepts behind the processes so they can apply them for themselves for the rest of their lives.


To create an ecosystem that builds on itself: By helping individuals manage their personal finances, get out of debt and generate a monthly surplus they in turn are able save for a down payment to buy a home, invest in the stock market or start a business. In parallel, help them create a will and other important life documents.


We will use technology to help us mange our business and programs.

How we are different.

Our Coaches will take every participant through a series of 1-on-1 consultations and guide them through our standardized step by step building blocks to create sound financial habits that will survive economic cycles. Though we will offer educational presentations and workshops, this program is intended to be a hands on process where we put into practice what we've learned about personal finances.


Building wealth is not a destination, it's a lifestyle. We will give every participant all the time they require to go through the program. This means that we don't really have a finish line, only a starting line, therefore will be make ourselves available not only through the initial process, but after for follow-up meetings.


Many organizations offering educational programs and training courses that help the community learn and understand how to create wealth (i.e. personal finances, opening business, investing in stocks and buying a house). We strive to augment these organizations efforts and offer personalized consultations to their participants and guide through their new found knowledge.

Community outreach organizations that work with community and help in hard times. We will offer our help to their audiences to augment their efforts and help this sector be better prepared for the future.

Private and government organizations that have their employees best interest in mind. We will offer our services to their employees to help them put their earnings to work, while maintaining a healthy and sustainable standard of living.