Personal Wealth

10 Disciplines To Reach Wealth and PRosperity

The NAHREP10 Disciplines are ten principles designed to guide our community to build more wealth and prosperity, experience all that the American dream has to offer and set our families up for long-lasting success.

10 Disciplines to reach wealth and prosperity

Building Wealth

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

A Blueprint to reach Wealth based on living a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to generate a surplus, investing this in a house or stocks and

Building Wealth Blue Print

Savings or Debt Projection:

This calculation will produce the value of a regular investment/debt payment for a given amount of time.

Future Value = Starting Investment + Monthly Investment + How many years @ Interest Rate

Savings Projection Calculator

Personal Budget

  • Income

  • Expenses

0000 myWealthBeing (Basic)
  • List Your Debt

  • List your available cash

  • Plan which Debt to pay first

  • Adjust as necessary

0000-00 myWealthBeing - Debt Repayment

Balance Sheet (Basic)

How much are you worth?

  • Add your Assets

  • Subtract our liabilities

  • Come up with a plan for the future.

Balance Sheet Calculator
  • Cost to buy a Car

  • Cost to own a car

Cost to Buy/Own a Car

Real Estate Wealth

Selling a House

AKA: Sellers Net Sheet

How much will it cost you to sell your house and how much will you take home after sales expenses and taxes.

Cost to Sell a House

Don't Buy Cars, Buy Houses.

A Homeowner's workshop/guide to buying a house.

Don’t Buy Cars, Buy Houses!

Debt to Income Calculator


  • Your DTI

  • What a bank may loan you

  • Price of the house you can afford buy

DTI Calculator

Cost to buy and Own a house

  • House Price

  • Interest Rate

  • Term

  • PITI

  • HOA, PMI

  • Utilities and Maintenance

Cost to Buy/Own a House

Cost to buy and Own a Rental Property

  • Cost to Buy Property

  • Cost to Own Property

  • Rental Analysis

  • Profit Calculations

Cost to Buy/Own a Rental Property

Cost to Buy and Flip a House

  • Cost to Buy Property

  • Cost to Fix the Property

  • Other Costs

  • Cost to Sell the Property

  • Profit Projections

0000-00-00 Flip this house - Address

Business Wealth

SAAS Projection

  • Mission Vision

  • Startup Costs

  • Monthly and Ongoing Costs

  • Widget Profit Margin

  • Revenue Projection

myWealthBeing - SaaS Business Plan