Working hard, spending less, saving and investing for the future!



I am a strong believer in Living with less than what you make, saving and investing for the future and will be happy to speak to this point at your school, organization or event.

We believe there is no reason why the Latino community can’t be among the wealthiest in this country.

Nobody has a greater work ethic than the Hispanic community and nobody has a stronger entrepreneurial spirit. It’s in our DNA.

To make this a reality, we need the information. We need the tactics. We need the guidance to advance this cause. Those disciplines are the NAHREP 10.


Because you cannot fix what you dont know... I can help you achieve your goal by helping you with the basics.

If you're up to reading about a lifestyle focused on working hard, spending less, saving more, and investing over (a long) time all with the ultimate goal of finding Wealth - this is for you!

Start by reading "What is the difference between being Rich and being Wealthy?" and follow the links within to read more.

Do The Math

As a companion to our Blog, here you can find a series of spreadsheets and presentations that will help you with:

Savings Projections, Creating a Budget, Debt Repayment, Buying a House, Buying a Rental Property or Starting a business.

Real Estate Services

Please feel free to contact me should you or any of our friends, family or neighbors have specific questions that I can address. It would be my honor to provide you with the highest level of service and secure you the results you want, need and deserve.