Business Wealth

Pilot Project

Business Wealth Program Description

This will be led by a Project Manager with the help of Volunteers. We will meet participants as needed in person or virtually. We expect this activity will take fifteen percent of our time and fifteen percent of our expense. We plan to fund this via grants and donations.

This activity consists of helping participants open a business by guiding them through four step building blocks that guide them to create a business plan and infrastructure and offer a better chance of success. The steps are as follows (summarized): 1) Mission/Vision, 2) Marketing, 3) Startup, 4) Administration, Sales. All participants must first graduate from our Personal Wealth Program.

Additionally, the plan is for the non-profit to create a phone/web app to help guide participants through these steps and offer a direct phone line where a participant can call and ask for help snippets.

Starting a business is an important avenue for wealth creation. This program is designed to help individuals create a solid foundation for their business for a better chance at success.

If you want to.

  • Start a business

  • Improve you existing business

  • Register and license your business

  • Help with marketing you business

  • Better Customer management

  • Help with Administering your business

  • Create an email, website, and collateral

We will offer participants one on one consultations to work trough our building blocks, then offer follow-up visits as needed.

If you are a do it yourselfer you can follow these steps and use the tools found in our resources pages to go through the program, and we will make ourselves available to you for one on one consultations as needed.

Turn The Light On

We will start by defining your business, the why of the business. We will start by defining what problem you are hoping to solve. After this we need to define your goals and vision and finally how you will be different to other business that are already providing similar services.


We are now ready to define the where and what of your business. We will start by defining the region where you intend to work and who you want to sell to. We will continue by documenting the products and/or servicers you will offer to your audience, including pricing. Finally we will create all necessary collateral.

Set The Foundation

Now we are ready to for the how. We will start by laying down the financial foundation, whether you are an existing or a new business, we will need to study three things: budget, net worth and define income goals. This will allow us to project what your businesses future could look like. This will give you the option to adjust your business plan until it makes sense.


This is a requirement for all business and the only question is who will take care of this processes. You can do it yourself or you can pay a professional to do this for you. First you will license and register your business to make sure you can legally work and file taxes, and second you will setup you business systems that will allow you to bill customers, get paid by customers, track you profit and expenses and view your business value.


We are not ready to begin looking for our customers. This is the when step because we will plan our efforts. We need to study how much time we need to spend finding the customers that will guarantee we reach our sales goals and to put into place our customer management system (CRM).