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Business Wealth Program Description

This will be led by a Project Manager with the help of Volunteers. We will meet participants as needed in person or virtually. We expect this activity will take fifteen percent of our time and fifteen percent of our expense. We plan to fund this via grants and donations.

This activity consists of helping participants open a business by guiding them through four step building blocks that guide them to create a business plan and infrastructure and offer a better chance of success. The steps are as follows (summarized): 1) Mission/Vision, 2) Marketing, 3) Startup, 4) Administration, Sales. All participants must first graduate from our Personal Wealth Program.

Additionally, the plan is for the non-profit to create a phone/web app to help guide participants through these steps and offer a direct phone line where a participant can call and ask for help snippets.

Starting a business is an important avenue for wealth creation. This program is designed to help individuals create a solid foundation for their business for a better chance at success.


I am going to put forth the necessary time and effort needed and to do my part to help myWealthBeing program succeed. My commitment to myWealthBeing program is the follwoing:

To follow the plan as presented until the end, to identify areas of improvement for myself and the program. I will be an active participant will put forth the highest level effort and be mindful of others involved while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return that others involved will commit in the same way and give the program the time and effort it demands.

Yes, I commit to this Pledge.

1. Turn The Light On.

    • Define what problem you are trying to solve and what is your purpose.

    • Create a Mission and a Vision Statement.

    • Create a Purpose Statement and a Slogan.

    • Write down why you are different that your business competitors

2. Marketing.

    • Define who are your customers and where they are.

    • Define what your customers need and why they need them.

    • Create you product/services menu

    • Create a Business Card, Brochure, Website, Email address.

3. Set the Foundation.

    • Include Infrastructure Expenses

    • Include Marketing Costs

    • Project monthly expenses for the first year.

5. Administration.

    • Register your Business with the SOS and get a Tax ID

    • Open a business bank account

    • Contact you local city and inquire and secure any necessary licensing/permitting and tax registrations.

    • Prepare your Business Collateral:

      • Register your Domain and create a business email address and business phone number

      • Get a Logo and design/print a brochure and business cards.

      • Create a website, register with google maps and create social media accounts.

      • Buy any office/trade equipment you need.


    • Define your income goal

    • Project your sales needs to achieve your goal

    • Project the sales effort needed to achieve your sales needs.

Now get out and find your first customer!