Set The Foundation

Day By Day

Pilot Project


I am going to put forth the necessary time and effort needed and to do my part to help myWealthBeing program succeed. My commitment to myWealthBeing program is the follwoing:

To follow the plan as presented until the end, to identify areas of improvement for myself and the program. I will be an active participant will put forth the highest level effort and be mindful of others involved while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return that others involved will commit in the same way and give the program the time and effort it demands.

Yes, I commit to this Pledge.

Gather Financial Information

Assets: Bank, retirement, auto and mortgage statements, and other items of value.

Debit: Credit Card, auto, mortgage, and other loan statements.

Income Sources: Job(s), investment, businesses, other Income.

Living Expenses: Housing (rent/mortgage/utilities/medical), food (not restaurants), auto, other.

Other Expenses: Restaurants, entertainment, vacation, gifts, liquor, other.

1. Turn on Light

  • Update/Adjust Budget and Net Worth

  • Find/Identify one month emergency fund

  • Learn about the Wealth Cash Flow

  • Milestone: Put together one months emergency fund

2. Pay Off Debt

  • Update/Adjust Budget and Net Worth

  • Setup Wealth Cash Flow System

  • Create Snowball Debt Repayment plan

  • Milestone: Pay off all debt (except for home debt)

3. Reach Six Months Emergency Fund

  • Update/Adjust Budget and Net Worth

  • Start Emergency savings fund

  • Milestone: Milestone: Reach six months emergency fund