Wealth Generation

Day by Day

Pilot Project


I am going to put forth the necessary time and effort needed and to do my part to help myWealthBeing program succeed. My commitment to myWealthBeing program is the follwoing:

To follow the plan as presented until the end, to identify areas of improvement for myself and the program. I will be an active participant will put forth the highest level effort and be mindful of others involved while valuing everyone's time.

I will expect in return that others involved will commit in the same way and give the program the time and effort it demands.

Yes, I commit to this Pledge.

4. Save For A Down Payment

  • Update/Adjust Budget and Net Worth

  • Contact a Mortgage Lender - Learn minimum requirements and path forward.

  • Start saving for a down payment

  • Milestone: Reach downpyment savings goal

5. Secure a Loan

  • Secure a Loan through a traditional lender and get your pre-approval letter.

  • In the case you dont qualify, contact myWealthBeing to learn about our rent to own program (not available at this time)

  • Update/Adjust Budget and Net Worth

  • Contact Real Estate Agent and start process of homeownership

  • Milestone: Buy/Rent to own a house

7. Invest

  • Celebrate Homeownership

  • Update/Adjust Budget and Net Wort

  • Make a plan for investing in a second home, the stock market, or start a business of your own.