The App

We plan to create an phone app to be the center of our organization. All our services will be offered and personalized through a ohone device. Registering for our program will be as easy as creating an account here, and instantly participants will have access to all services.


  • Personal wealth

  • Business wealth

  • Buy a house

  • Rent to own

Wealth Generation

    • Add Personal Goals (college, vacations, weddings, etc)

    • Jobs Board

Customer Service

    • Connect to, and recommend local resources (Be the voice of the County)

    • On demand video/voice/chat connect

    • Offer real time connection to volunteer Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, etc.

    • AI - offer advice and recommendations.

OEM versions

    • to be used by our partners and other organizations that want this tool for their programs.

    • Boulder County, OUR Center, Philantrhopiece, SCCC, EFFA, Professional FInancial Advisors, Real Estat Agents, etc.

    • Manager Access

    • Add, modify goals to suit the OEM version

Collective bargaining for services

    • Sell/purchase a used car with special benefits (i.e. low price, extended warranties, etc)

    • High interest savings accounts (i.e. La Medichi 3%)

    • Investment Options - no cost investments for selected products offered by a reputable organization (i.e. Fidelity)

    • Discounts for home loans

    • Renters, home, auto and other insurances discounts.

    • Crowd funding.

Household tools and strategies

    • Meal preparation: healthy, low cost and easy to prepare.

    • Chore manager: help a family manage house chores: weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly chores.

    • Car management: service and maintenance calendar.

    • Gift Exchente Manager (wish-list, pair participants, find gifts) (i.e.

Social Elements

    • Connect household, friends and family.

    • Barter for Services: I'll help you with your plumbing if you help me with my shopping (many to many).