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5 Steps to Open a Business

1. Define Your Business

    • Define what problem you are trying to solve and what is your purpose.

    • Create a Mission and a Vision Statement.

    • Create a Purpose Statement and a Slogan.

    • Write down why you are different that your business competitors

2. Create a Marketing Plan

    • Define who are your customers and where they are.

    • Define what your customers need and why they need them.

    • Create you product/services menu

3. Project your Startup Costs

    • Include Infrastructure Expenses

    • Include Marketing Costs

    • Project monthly expenses for the first year.

4. Create a Sales Plan

    • Define your income goal

    • Project your sales needs to achieve your goal

    • Project the sales effort needed to achieve your sales needs.

5. Open you Business

    • Register your Business with the SOS and get a Tax ID

    • Open a business bank account and setup CRM/Accounting system.

    • Contact you local city and inquire and secure any necessary licensing/permitting and tax registrations.

    • Prepare your Business Collateral:

      • Register your Domain and create a business email address and business phone number

      • Get a Logo and design/print a brochure and business cards.

      • Create a website, register with google maps and create social media accounts.

      • Buy any office/trade equipment you need.

Now get out and find your first customer!

Business Plan Templates

General Business Plan

This Business Plan follows the '5 steps to open a business' and is intended as guide for all types of business.

0000 myWealthBeing - General Business Plan

Real Estate Broker

This Business Plan follows the '5 steps to open a business' concepts modified to fit the needs of a Real Estate Broker.

0000 myWealthBeing - Real Estate Broker